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Other Books

BEAUTY SECRETS; The Complete Lowdown on Skin, Hair and Body Treatments
The essential reference guide for beauty-conscious women of all ages, packed with facts and rock solid advice on controlling spots, forestalling wrinkles, reducing body fat, and heavenly hair care, along with the best options for solving the most common beauty afflictions.
ISBN: 1-84400-0931
Publisher: Quadrille

THE BEAUTY BATTLE: An Insider’s Guide to Wrinkle Rescue and Cosmetic Perfection From Head to Toe With a foreward from Dermatologist Seth Matarasso, MD. Wendy shares her up-to-the-minute knowledge about the most cutting edge solutions medical science has to offer for the face and body, and offers her informed distinction between what works and what’s a waste of your time and money.
ISBN: 1-59223-029-6
Publisher: Laurel Glen

In its second printing, THE LOWDOWN ON FACELIFTS was serialized for four consecutive days in the Daily Mail by popular demand. This comprehensive insider’s guide reveals everything women need to know about the often confusing world of cosmetic surgery and wrinkle treatments. This highly-praised book gives the lowdown on every available treatment, from anti-aging creams and face peels to going under the surgeon’s knife.
ISBN: 1-903845-80-7
Publisher: Quadrille