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Client Testimonials


*NOTE: All names have been changed for privacy reasons

Dear Wendy,

I am writing to say how much I appreciate the advice you gave me when I met you in London. In particular, the calibre of the experts you advised me to go to has been quite unbelievable and I feel that it is important that you receive this feedback from me, as I presume this is part of how you acquire your amazing insight!

I have just had a breast augmentation from *Dr. X and, true to her artistic form, she really has created a masterpiece! Her approach has been warm, yet entirely professional and the result has way surpassed my expectations. The woman is a genius who really listened and comprehended my desire for a ‘natural’ look.

I also took your advise about consulting *Dr. Y to improve my sun damaged skin, and again I have not been disappointed. The treatments he prescribed have already made a marked improvement and I will continue to see him for as long as is necessary.

I chose to see *Mr. Z from your list of possibilities for upper eyelid surgery. He was lovely and suggested a brow lift as well, but he also made me feel that time was still on my side and that I could afford to wait a while. When I do decide to go ahead, I feel I will be in safe hands with him.

So, a big thank you. Your help was absolutely invaluable.

Best regards, *Patricia


I can’t thank you enough for your advice. I have decided to postpone any major surgery for now, and will think about it more in the future – for my next big birthday!

I couldn’t have come to this decision without your help and candid recommendations. After speaking with you, I went to see one of the dermatologists you suggested and had a bit of Botox and some fillers – Restylane and Radiesse. It made such a difference without all the fear and time off I would have had from a facelift. *Dr. X was amazing and the treatment was not as expensive as I expected so I will definitely go back again for a refresh when I need it.

Maybe I’ll come and see you again in 5 years time for my neck.

Fondly, *Savannah


You sent me to see 5 plastic surgeons – and I liked them all! But after a second consultation with you, I made up my mind to go with Dr. #1, even though his fee was much higher than some of the others. Talking to you made the decision easier, and I am going with my instincts. I just felt good about what he told me.

Selected surgery for April 23. Sent an email thanking all other doctors.

You’re the best!